Grindstone Recipe (1.20.4)

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Minecraft’s ever-evolving world introduces exciting new mechanics and resources with each update. The 1.20.4 update brings the Grindstone, a valuable tool for players seeking to enhance their weaponry and tools. This comprehensive guide dives deep into the Grindstone recipe, its crafting process, and its functionalities within the game.

Crafting the Grindstone


The Grindstone recipe is relatively simple, requiring only two readily available resources:

  • Cobblestones (x2): Cobblestones are abundant throughout the Minecraft world. You can easily obtain them by mining any stone block with a pickaxe.
  • Wooden Planks (x1): Wooden planks are another readily available resource. You can acquire them by chopping down trees and crafting the resulting wood logs into planks using a crafting table.
  • Step-by-Step Crafting Instructions

    1. Open your Crafting Table: Locate your crafting table, a 3×3 grid interface used to create various items.

    2. Arrange the Resources: In the crafting table grid, place the two cobblestones in the top two center squares (one above the other). Position the wooden plank directly below them in the centermost square of the bottom row.

    3. Craft the Grindstone: Once the resources are arranged correctly, the Grindstone icon will appear in the crafting output slot on the right side of the interface. Click on the Grindstone icon to transfer it to your inventory.

    Utilizing the Grindstone

    The Grindstone serves two primary functions in Minecraft:

  • Durability Restoration: When a weapon or tool loses durability through use, the Grindstone can be used to restore a portion of its lost durability. Simply equip the damaged item, interact with the Grindstone, and the item will regain some of its lost functionality.
  • Enchantment Removal: The Grindstone can also remove enchantments from enchanted weapons and tools. This allows you to reclaim the experience points used to initially enchant the item and potentially re-enchant it with a different enchantment. However, keep in mind that the Grindstone destroys the existing enchantment entirely, and the experience points recovered are not the full amount used for the original enchantment.
  • Nutrition Facts? (Not Applicable Here)

    Unlike food items in Minecraft, the Grindstone doesn’t possess nutritional value. This section is typically used for real-world recipes, so we can move on to some frequently asked questions about Grindstones.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Can I use any type of wood for the Grindstone recipe?

    Yes! Any type of wood plank, such as oak, spruce, jungle wood, etc., will work perfectly in the Grindstone recipe.

    2. How much durability does the Grindstone restore to items?

    The amount of durability restored by the Grindstone depends on the material of the item being repaired. Generally, it restores a small percentage of the item’s total durability.

    3. Does the Grindstone work on Netherite tools and weapons?

    Yes, the Grindstone can be used to repair and remove enchantments from Netherite items. However, it’s important to note that Netherite items are already highly durable, so using the Grindstone for repairs might not be as necessary.

    4. Are there any drawbacks to using the Grindstone?

    While the Grindstone offers valuable functionalities, it’s important to remember that using it to remove enchantments destroys the enchantment entirely. Additionally, the experience points recovered upon removing enchantments are not the full amount used for the original enchantment.

    5. Are there alternative methods for repairing tools and weapons?

    Yes, there are alternative methods for repairing tools and weapons. You can combine a damaged tool with another tool of the same type in your inventory to repair some of the durability. Additionally, enchanting your tools with the Mending enchantment allows them to automatically repair themselves by picking up experience orbs.