Crafting An End Crystal In Minecraft

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The Ender Dragon, the colossal beast guarding the gateway to the End dimension, awaits any brave adventurer who dares to challenge it. But to confront this fearsome foe, you’ll need the mighty Ender Crystal – a key component in the summoning ritual. Here’s a comprehensive guide on crafting the Ender Crystal in Minecraft PS4, complete with the ingredients you’ll need, step-by-step crafting instructions, and a breakdown of its in-game nutritional… well, not exactly nutritional facts, but you get the idea!


End Crystals in Minecraft: Crafting recipe, uses, and more
End Crystals in Minecraft: Crafting recipe, uses, and more

Before embarking on your crystal-crafting quest, gather the following essential materials:

12 Eyes of Ender: These glowing orbs are dropped by Endermen, the tall, black, teleporting creatures found in The End. Stock up by venturing into End Cities or fortresses and slaying Endermen.

  • 7 Ghast Tears: Ghast Tears are obtained from Ghast, the large, fiery flying mobs that inhabit the Nether. Construct a Nether Portal using Obsidian blocks, venture through, and be prepared for a fiery fight!
  • 1 Bedrock Block: This incredibly strong, almost unbreakable block can be found deep underground. Be cautious while mining, as a single pickaxe swing can destroy it if you’re not careful!

  • Crafting the Ender Crystal

    With your ingredients gathered, follow these steps to craft your Ender Crystal:

    1. Open your crafting menu.
    2. Place the Ghast Tear in the center of the crafting grid.
    3. Surround the Ghast Tear with Eyes of Ender, filling all eight surrounding squares.
    4. In the bottom center square, place your precious Bedrock Block.
    5. The Ender Crystal should now appear in the result box on the right.
    6. Drag the Ender Crystal to your inventory and admire your creation!

    Important Note: Unlike most crafted items in Minecraft, the Ender Crystal cannot be placed back into your crafting menu once created. Make sure you have a plan for its use before crafting!

    Ender Crystal Fun Facts (Not Exactly Nutritional Facts)

    While the Ender Crystal won’t nourish your character in the traditional sense, here are some interesting tidbits about its in-game properties:

    Destructive Power: The Ender Crystal explodes upon destruction, inflicting massive damage to anything nearby. Be mindful where you place it!

  • Healing Properties: The Ender Dragon can heal itself by absorbing the energy from Ender Crystals placed on obsidian pillars around its spawning platform.
  • Light Source: Ender Crystals emit a faint purple light, making them a handy (though slightly ominous) light source in a pinch.

  • Conclusion

    By following these steps and gathering the necessary materials, you’ll be well on your way to crafting the powerful Ender Crystal. Remember, this crystal is a crucial tool in defeating the Ender Dragon, so use it wisely!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Here are some additional questions you might have about Ender Crystals:

    1. Can I craft the Ender Crystal in Survival Mode?

    Yes, crafting the Ender Crystal is possible in Survival Mode. However, gathering the required materials, especially the Ghast Tears and Bedrock Block, can be quite challenging. Make sure you’re well-equipped and prepared before venturing into the Nether and deep underground.

    2. How many Ender Crystals do I need to defeat the Ender Dragon?

    You’ll need a minimum of three Ender Crystals to summon and defeat the Ender Dragon. These crystals will be placed on obsidian pillars found around the Dragon’s spawning platform. Destroying these crystals is key to weakening the Dragon and ultimately defeating it.

    3. What happens if I accidentally destroy the Ender Crystal?

    As mentioned earlier, the Ender Crystal explodes upon destruction, causing significant damage. If you accidentally destroy one you’ve placed, be prepared for a powerful explosion!

    4. Can I reuse Ender Crystals?

    Unfortunately, no. Once crafted, Ender Crystals cannot be placed back into your crafting menu or inventory slots. Use them wisely!

    5. Are there any alternative ways to defeat the Ender Dragon without Ender Crystals?

    While Ender Crystals are the traditional method, there are some creative (and extremely challenging) ways to defeat the Ender Dragon without them. These methods involve strategically inflicting damage while dodging the Dragon’s attacks – a feat for truly skilled players!