Crafting A Locator Map In Minecraft Java Edition

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Ever ventured deep into the Minecraft world and struggled to find your way back home? Fear not, intrepid explorer! The Locator Map is a handy tool that lets you see a miniature representation of your surroundings, complete with a marker indicating your current location. With this map in your inventory, getting lost becomes a thing of the past.


How to Make a Map - Minecraft Guide - IGN
How to Make a Map – Minecraft Guide – IGN

Crafting a Locator Map in Minecraft requires just a few common items:

  • 8 Paper: Paper is essential for creating the base of the map. You can obtain paper by placing 3 Sugarcane Reeds on a Crafting Table in a horizontal line.
  • 1 Compass: A Compass is crucial for the map’s functionality, as it provides the directional information displayed on the map. Craft a Compass by arranging 4 Iron Ingots in a diamond formation on the Crafting Table, with Redstone Dust in the center.
  • Directions:

    Crafting a Locator Map is a simple process:

    1. Open your Crafting Table. The Crafting Table is a 3×3 grid where you can combine various items to create new ones.

    2. Arrange the ingredients on the Crafting Table. Place the Compass in the center of the grid. Surround the Compass with Paper, filling all eight surrounding squares.

    3. Voila! Your Locator Map is complete. Drag the newly crafted map from the Crafting Table into your inventory.

    Using the Locator Map

    To use the Locator Map, simply equip it in your hand like any other tool. The map will automatically display a zoomed-out overview of your surroundings, including any explored areas and points of interest. A small white marker will indicate your current location on the map, helping you navigate and find your way back home.

    Crafting a Filled Locator Map

    A basic Locator Map only shows explored areas. To reveal the entire map, you’ll need to craft a Filled Locator Map. Here’s what you need:

  • 1 Locator Map: This is the basic map you just crafted.
  • 8 Leather: Leather can be obtained from killing Cows or Horses.
  • 1. Open the Crafting Table again.

    2. Place the Locator Map in the center of the grid.

    3. Surround the Locator Map with Leather, filling all eight surrounding squares.

    4. The resulting map will be a Filled Locator Map, revealing the entire surrounding area, even unexplored regions.

    Nutrition Facts (Just Kidding!)

    Minecraft isn’t a game about food (although there are some tasty-looking blocks!), so there are no nutritional facts to consider when crafting a Locator Map.


    The Locator Map is an invaluable tool for any Minecraft adventurer. With its ability to display your location and surroundings, you’ll never be truly lost again. So, the next time you embark on a grand exploration, be sure to craft a Locator Map – it might just save you from a long and frustrating trek back home.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. How can I zoom in and out on the Locator Map?

    Unfortunately, there’s no way to zoom in and out on the Locator Map in Minecraft. However, you can craft multiple maps at different scales to create a more detailed overview of your explored areas.

    2. Does the Locator Map work in the Nether or End?

    The Locator Map only functions in the Overworld, the main dimension of Minecraft. The Nether and End have their own unique maps that you’ll need to craft to navigate those dimensions.

    3. Can I share Locator Maps with other players?

    Yes, Locator Maps can be shared with other players by placing them in a chest or throwing them on the ground. Once another player picks up the map, it will display their current location as well.

    4. How do I update a Locator Map to reveal new areas?

    As you explore new areas, the Locator Map will automatically update to reflect your discoveries. There’s no need to take any additional actions.

    5. What if I lose my Locator Map? Can I craft another one?

    The good news is that Locator Maps are relatively inexpensive to craft. If you lose yours, simply gather the necessary ingredients and craft a new one!