Beat The Heat With A Refreshing Limoncello Spritz (Australian Style!)

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Dreaming of a summer escape to the Amalfi Coast? Look no further than the Limoncello Spritz, a refreshingly light and citrusy cocktail that brings a taste of Italy right to your backyard. This bubbly beverage is perfect for any occasion, from a casual brunch with friends to a poolside afternoon soaking up the sun.

The beauty of the Limoncello Spritz lies in its simplicity. With just three key ingredients and a handful of minutes, you can whip up a delightful drink that’s sure to impress. This recipe also offers an Australian twist, using readily available ingredients you can find at your local bottle shop.

Limoncello Spritz DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Cocktail Recipe Card, Cocktail
Limoncello Spritz DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Cocktail Recipe Card, Cocktail


2 parts Limoncello (Italian lemon liqueur)

  • 3 parts Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine)
  • Club soda (chilled)
  • Lemon wedge (for garnish)
  • Optional: Fresh mint sprig (for garnish)

  • Directions:

    1. Chill Your Glass: Start by filling a wine glass or spritz glass with ice. Swirl the ice around the glass to coat it evenly, then discard the melted ice water. This ensures your drink stays refreshingly cold.

    2. Measure the Limoncello: Pour in your Limoncello. A jigger typically holds 1.5 ounces, so for a classic ratio, use two jiggers (3 ounces) of Limoncello.

    3. Top with Prosecco: Gently pour in your chilled Prosecco. The 3:2 ratio of Prosecco to Limoncello creates a perfectly balanced drink that’s not overly sweet or tart.

    4. Finish with a Fizz: Top off your drink with chilled club soda. The club soda adds a delightful effervescence and stretches your drink further, making it perfect for sharing.

    5. Garnish and Enjoy: Add a wedge of lemon for a bright citrus aroma and a pop of color. For an extra touch of summer freshness, garnish with a sprig of mint.

    Nutrition Facts (per serving):

    While the exact nutrition information can vary depending on the specific brands of Limoncello and Prosecco you use, here’s a general estimate:

    Calories: Around 150-200 (depending on the sugar content of your Limoncello)

  • Carbohydrates: 15-20 grams (mostly from the sugar in the Limoncello and Prosecco)
  • Protein: Negligible
  • Fat: Negligible

  • Please note: This is just an approximation, and it’s always best to check the nutrition labels of your specific ingredients for the most accurate information.


    The Limoncello Spritz is a delightful and easy-to-make cocktail that’s perfect for any Australian summer gathering. With its beautiful balance of sweet, tart, and bubbly flavors, it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. So next time you’re looking for a refreshing drink to share with friends, give this Italian sunshine in a glass a try!


    1. Can I substitute Limoncello with another ingredient?

    While Limoncello is the key ingredient in this recipe, you can experiment with other citrus liqueurs if you don’t have any on hand. Try a lemon vodka, orange liqueur, or even a grapefruit liqueur for a slightly different twist. Be sure to adjust the sweetness level to your taste, as these liqueurs may vary in sweetness compared to Limoncello.

    2. What type of Prosecco should I use?

    Any dry Prosecco will work well in this recipe. Look for a bottle labeled “Prosecco DOC” or “Prosecco DOCG” to ensure quality. You don’t need to splurge on the most expensive bottle, but avoid overly sweet Proseccos, as they can overpower the delicate flavors of the Limoncello.

    3. Can I make this drink non-alcoholic?

    Absolutely! Simply replace the Limoncello and Prosecco with their non-alcoholic counterparts. There are many delicious sparkling fruit juices and non-alcoholic lemon or citrus-flavored drinks available that would work well as a base.

    4. How can I make a big batch of Limoncello Spritz for a party?

    This recipe easily scales up for a crowd. Simply multiply the ingredients based on the number of servings you need. Prepare a large pitcher filled with ice, then combine the Limoncello and Prosecco in the desired ratio. Keep these ingredients chilled in the pitcher. When serving, top each individual glass with club soda and garnish with lemon wedges and mint sprigs.

    5. What foods pair well with a Limoncello Spritz?